Our Programs

  •  Support All Students

    Funds are allocated to cover the highest priority needs of our students. 89% of our high performing students are on free or reduced lunch and up to 5% are homeless. Thus, we encourage donors to make this program their first option, since we prioritize these donations for the Fundraising projects with the greatest needs (e.g., Tutoring, Academic & Attendance Incentives, Field Trips, etc.)

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  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Medicine (STEMM)

    Jones High School (JHS) has a Medical Magnet program that provides students with access to an intensive and rigorous course of instruction that prepares them for a Pre-Med, nursing, research track, etc., at the college level. The Jones High School Foundation (JHSF) funds STEMM academic enrichment programs to prepare more students for STEMM careers. Dr. Sylvester James Gates(JHS ’69) is one of our distinguished graduates – University of Maryland’s John S. Toll Professor of Physics; 2013 recipient of the National Presidential Medal of Science (presented by President Barack Obama); named 2014 National Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation; and, serves on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

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  • College Orientation Tours

    Most of Jones High students have never visited a college campus. Thus, the Jones High School Foundation funds several college orientation trips to various college campuses to inspire our students to achieve academically so they can become college graduates. We emphasize to our students that college graduates earn more and have better life outcomes.

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  • Financial Literacy

    Many of our students and their families are “unbanked.” The tough reality is 60% of NFL players and 70% of NBA players are bankrupt five years after retirement. Why? Because many of them did not have bank accounts and don’t know how to manage money. So, the Jones High School Foundation is partnering with a bank to provide financial literacy and eventually bank accounts for all Jones High School students to teach them how to manage their finances. This program will cost at least $5,000 per year. So, we need your support!!

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  • Performing Arts (Broadway Plays) & Choir

    The Jones High School Performing Arts students and choir are renowned for their stellar performances and legacy. Great News! Our Band’s Wind Ensemble and Choir just received a formal invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall, April 7, 2018. Only the best of the best high schools in the nation receive this coveted invitation. Jones High is the only high school in the nation to have both the band & choir invited to perform at the same time in Carnegie Hall.  Renowned actor Wesley Snipes and internationally renowned American tenor Curtis Rayam are among some of our distinguished graduates.

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  • Marching Tiger Band & Orchestra

    The NEW Jones High School Orchestra has partnered with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (OPO) & is the ONLY high school in Orange County to have a partnership with OPO. 13 OPO musicians will mentor & train our JHS Orchestra & Band students.  The JHS Marching Tiger Band is a nationally renowned band that recently represented the state of Florida in the 2016 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, has participated in two World’s Fairs, a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, & many other national events. We need your support to continue to grow our band & new Orchestra, & continue the legacy of excellence that James W. “Chief” Wilson built in 1950.

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  • Athletics

    The Jones High School Fightin’ Tigers have excelled throughout the years in athletics. Many of our graduates have become some of the best college and professional athletes in the nation, e.g., Ernie Calloway, NFL player, Philadelphia Eagles;  Benny Johnson, NFL player, Houston Oilers & New Orleans Saints; Kevin Lewis, NFL player, New Orleans Saints linebacker; Shavonte Zellous, 2009 WNBA All-Rookie Team, Detroit Shock; currently with the New York Spirit; Nate Newton, NFL player, Dallas Cowboys (6 Pro Bowls & won 3 Super Bowls with Dallas); Tim Newton, NFL player, Minnesota Vikings; Louis Ross, NFL player, Buffalo Bills; Kermit Whitfield, Wide Receiver, Florida State University (electrified the nation with his 100 yard kickoff return for a touchdown in leading FSU to the national championship in 2013.); and, Jarvis Williams, Arena Football. The Fightin’ Tigers football team played their 1st out of state game against St. John’s College High School in Washington DC, 21st ranked team in the nation, Sat, 26 Aug 2017.   They played a great game, scored 5 TDs, but lost 49-30.

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